Attention: Mosaic Soul CREATIVES & Entrepreneurs 

With way too many things to do on your to-do lists, and no real traction or satisfying momentum in your life or business

Grab Your Free 'Clarity Wand' Workshop & Guide

And magically kick overwhelm and scatterbrain to the curb and say ABRACADABRA to Clarity & Focus.

do you feel like this?

You've Got The Confusion & Overwhelm Bug if...

Too much to do

You've been meaning to start that new business, setup up your new website, finish that art piece, market your latest product, oh and finally respond to that email from a prospective client! Phew...wait there's more!

not enough time

You find yourself saying "I don't have enough time to do..." or "I'm not good enough to..." or "Who am I to do..."


You find yourself running around trying to "get" something and not feeling inner peace, inner knowing, and confidence in the direction you desire to really be in.

Shiny Object syndrome

You know you have brilliance inside of you to get out into the world, from one new tool, to social media post, to "fill in the blank" distraction you need help getting it out.

Tired of not getting things done, shiny object syndrome, and not actualizing your potential in your life and business?

You're tired of your own excuses, tired of the fear or confusion on what to do next, and tired of seeing other self actualize in their lives and businesses. You want to finally check those things off your dream & to-do lists, and better yet you want to feel good doing it to! 

what you'll gain

You're a Multipassionate Spiritual Creative &/or Entrepreneur Ready To Take On The World But You Feel Stuck 

Burnout, indecision, procrastination, frustration, and overwhelm all come down to one thing. Lack of Clarity! In this 40 minute workshop & Clarity Wand Soul Sheet you're going to... 

Get Clear

Learn how to create space and clarity for profitable, fulfilling, and inspired action.

Get Confident

Discover how to calm those nerves and feelings of frustration by kicking stress, overwhelm, and being overstretched to the curb.

Take Action

Get a reusable and valuable tool to help you create clarity in under 5 minutes and unleash your creative soul.

Break Free

Discover the top 3 limiting beliefs around time & the 4 myths about TIME that keeps you stuck, in shame, and burned out + how to finally break free!

Get Inspired

Discover the TOP strategies for identifying and prioritizing high-impact projects.

Feel Calm

Gain an invaluable Tool to assess which ideas align best with personal and business goals so you take action on the things that actually matter and move the needle in your life and/or business.

 free on-demand workshop & tool 

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Rachael took the overwhelm out of the equation and brought the joyful overachiever out of me. She assisted me in assisting others & manifesting a clear, concise and manageable map in order to do so. She organizes ideas in such a way that Mosaic Souls can feel great about all the things we want to accomplish - and actually make them happen! Thanks

Desiree Banugo

Since Rachael appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, I've been ever grateful. I needed new mentors who were a reflection of me: creative, spiritual, entrepreneurial and most importantly intuitive. She helped me open myself up to really explore how I want to run my revamped company. She has helped me to tap into my authenticity more deeply and I feel that my creativity and work is more soul and heart centered. As a result I have developed my branding which has resonated with my tribe and I have relaunched my webpage and social profiles with a 100% increase to my mailing list. Plus the bonus is I'm shedding many old paradigms that no longer serve me. Also I love the way Rachael is always there with supportive words and biz love for her clients. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, but at least you know Rachael has got your back - spiritually and entrepreneurially.

Maria Gomes

When I first worked with Rachael, I was on a very confusing path. I just had started my blog and although I knew what I wanted, I didn't know how to arrive there. Rachael showed me to listed to my heart and soul, and her simple exercises I managed to organize my thoughts and prioritize my need. Consequently I discovered clear path and a great connection with nature. Sometimes everything gets messy again, but I remember everything I've learned with Mosaic Souls. Now my blog and projects grew to what I imagined since the beginning, and it's so satisfying to accomplish our dreams.

your guide

Rachael Alexander

is an International Performing Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Life/Wellness/Business Coach, and Brand Strategist. She helps Mosaic Souls (multipassionate spiritually awakened creative people) to realize and actualize their full potential in every area of their lives; from holistic health, creativity and productivity, business and brand strategy, to spirituality. A trained health & transformation coach, serial entrepreneur, singer-songwriter/composer, visual artist, photographer, filmmaker, and brand specialist, Rachael invites Mosaic Souls to uncover their true divine souls and purpose by recognizing that they are already whole and divinely created. She advocates that love and abundance are our natural states of being and we only need to go within to realize and actualize these truths. She is the creator of Divine Earth School,, and She looks forward to helping you realize your true essence and purpose in life and business.